Video Conferencing Solutions
That Go Beyond Security

Having the right video conferencing solution will increase employee engagement and connect you to a global or mobile workforce and client base. Meetings will become easier thanks to our reliable network setup and intuitive user interface.

Our expert technicians have helped design audio-visual solutions for intimate to large scale productions. CallTeks professionals specialize in system integration, corporate center solutions, and business conference room solutions. Let us help you create a presentation-ready facility with completely integrated systems from sound to networked conference call capabilities, video conferencing, digital presentations, and more. Let us help you get connected!

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Video Conferencing

Bring cutting-edge video conferencing to your business at an affordable price. Only CallTeks can bring you a complete security package combined with the AV solutions your business needs to stay efficient and on-track.

How Will Our Video Conferencing Solutions Help Your Business?

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Easy Cross-Country Video Conferencing

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High Definition Audio-Visual Conferences

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Reduce Travel Costs

Whether you are meeting with prospective customers, stakeholders or communicating with clients, our AV solutions allow you to
present your organization effectively and professionally. Call 1-844-862-0318 today to learn more about how we can improve your
networking capabilities.

Innovative, User-friendly and Driven by Technology

If you work with clients or employees throughout the country or world, you understand the need for reliable video conferencing. High-quality face-to-face interaction means cutting down on travel expenses.

One on one conferences or group meetings become much easier to set up with a cloud-based solution. Our video conferencing technology is supported across a massive variety of platforms, including Apple, Android, iOS and Web apps built for Chrome and other popular internet browsers.

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Conference Room Solutions

Transform your conference room into a premier communication hub. Our conference room solutions will make it easy to communicate, collaborate and discuss the topics most important to your business. We only provide intuitive, easy to use AV solutions to make sure your important meetings aren’t marred by technical difficulties.

CallTeks will make sure you have all the training needed to take advantage of the most innovative AV technology available. Your systems are always installed by our very own experts and include industry-leading customer support.