Residential Security Systems: An Important Investment

Residential security systems are a crucial investment for your home. When you leave for work or head out of town it’s important to know the possessions you care most about are protected. Shopping for the right system however, can be a bit overwhelming.
First off, you’ll have to decide whether a hard-wired system, wireless or other system is right. Will it be landline based or broadband?
We’ve come up with a few tips that could help you narrow down the options. Of course, we’re always available here at CallTeks to help you shop for residential security systems.
Renters May Have Different Needs than Homeowners
If you are renting your home, you probably don’t have the option of hardwiring a system. However there are systems that can be installed wirelessly, which will allow you to monitor your security system remotely. The drawback her is that you may not have a third party also monitoring your home.
Homeowners have far more options when it comes to building the right residential security systems. If you own your home and plan on living for the next few years, you really have the ability to customize a system to cover as much or as little as you choose.
Common and Custom Features
Residential security systems range from basic home protection to far more advanced features. Most systems will include a central keypad control unit, a siren and door and window sensors. Many systems also include motion detectors, which can be customized so pets don’t set them off.
Some people have panic buttons strategically-located throughout their home. There are also hand-held panic buttons, or some residential security systems will make this feature available on mobile devices, like a smartphone.
Other security features available include pressure mats, which can detect footsteps in your home or apartment

Connected, Customized Residential Security System
Today’s systems offer a new level of monitoring that allows users to completely control their security systems from anywhere. Today’s best systems allow users to monitor their home from a smartphone or tablet.
If you include a series of wireless cameras you can even monitor those cameras from anywhere. At CallTeks, our systems include a full touchscreen display control panel. You can also use your smartphone or tablet to arm, disarm and even lock your doors, among several other convenient options.
Our systems also communicate on a secure GSM communication, so you can rest assured you’re still connected and secure, even without an Internet or phone signal.
Get In Touch With CallTeks to Learn More
Get ahold of CallTeks today and we’ll help you customize the perfect residential security system. Our trained experts are always available to help you pick out the solutions that will best suit your needs.