What Are the Benefits of Remote Security Systems?

DIY security systems are becoming more popular these days, but are they really the right choice when it comes to keeping your home protected? Having a monitored remote home security system offers many advantages you just won’t get if you choose a do-it-yourself solution.

Remote Security Systems Deter Crime

Of course one of the most important benefits of a reputable, monitored remote security system is that these are proven to deter crime. While these monitored systems offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing there are professionals always keeping an eye on your system, the remote features still offer you the customizable options that are so popular today.

Criminals are far less likely to try to break into a home if they know it has a monitored remote security system.

Monitor Your Home from Anywhere

Keep an eye on your home from anywhere with remote access. A CallTeks system lets you keep an eye on your home security cameras or change your alarm settings using a smartphone or tablet. We even offer technology that allows you to lock your doors remotely!

Get a Price Break on Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Choosing a reputable company to install you remote security system will do more than just protect your valuables. Most homeowner insurance policies offer a price break for people who invest in home security. Call your insurance provider to find out if you qualify for a discounted rate.

Peace of Mind

Often overlooked, but very important. A quality remote security system will provide you the assurance that your home is being protected around the clock. No need to live in fear of your most prized possessions being invaded when you have a quality system.

Keeps You Notified of Other Problems

Remote access also means you can set up other important alerts. Maybe you want to know if a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector is triggered. You may be able to adjust your settings so the authorities are automatically notified in such a situation.

Contact CallTeks for More Information

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