How to Protect Your Small Business from Break-ins

Small businesses are among the favorite targets of criminals. In fact, more than $1 billion is lost every year to commercial burglary. Crooks know they can get a high price for the kind of specialized equipment businesses keep in their shops, warehouses and restaurants.

Burglars are also adept when it comes to finding weaknesses in security systems or unprotected entry points. Here at CallTeks, we specialize in effective, customized security solutions for every type of business. We’ve come up with a few pointers to help you keep your small business safe.

It Starts With the Locks

The foundation of your security system should be top quality locks on all the exterior doors. Deadbolts should need a key to lock and unlock from both inside and outside. That way, if a burglar breaks in through a window, they won’t be able to unlock the doors from the inside. Crooks will have to work a lot harder to move large items out of your business if they can’t open a door from the inside and simply carry things out.

All Keys Accounted For

As a business owner, you should know exactly how many keys you have and who has a key. If employees have keys to the building, they should be marked “do not duplicate.” A key that ends up in the wrong hands could easily spell disaster for your business. Don’t take any chances.

Access Control

Code-entry access control keypads might be just the alternative you need to keep your business safe. Instead of having to change the locks if a key goes missing, simply change the code. With an access control system, you can even customize codes so each employee has their own access code. That way, you know who is coming and going and at what times.

Another benefit to keyless entry is your ability to customize you system so only certain codes will open doors between certain hours.

Complete Alarm System

Of course, a quality commercial security system is also needed of you hope to keep your business secure. If you’re wondering what type will work best for your business, get in touch with CallTeks. We’ll help you come up with the right solution for your business. Our security experts are ready to give you an in-depth consultation and determine what steps you need to take to get a great system at an affordable rate.

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