The Top Technology Must-Haves for Every Small Business

It’s not a stretch to say that any small business that wants to thrive this day and age not only needs to embrace technology in the workplace, but needs to stay ahead of the curve. This doesn’t necessarily mean every business owner needs to be tech savvy, but it does mean every business simply must have several things in place if it hopes to thrive.

Here at CallTeks, we help businesses of all sizes implement technology and AV solutions. We’ve come up with a list of the few pieces of technology that every small business needs, from corner cupcake shops to construction contractors.

Reliable Data Backup

Too many businesses learn how important it is to backup information the hard way. You probably know that relying on just your hard drive is a recipe for disaster, and likely do the occasional dump onto an external drive.

We’ve found that best way to back up data is easily and automatically. That would be a system that automatically saves while you work, both to your hard drive and some cloud-based storage. There’s a common misconception that sensitive information is more at risk when saved on the cloud. However, it is as safe an option as anywhere else, even safer.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is about so much more than efficient and cost effective data storage. No piece of technology has done as much to create a more connected workforce worldwide. Everything form file sharing to video conferencing and teleworking is more affordable and easier for businesses today. Now you can access important documents, presentations and all of your folders anytime, and from anywhere.

CRM Systems

Improve the way your business communicates with customers, clients and leads with a cutting edge CRM system (Customer Relationship Management). This will help you streamline your marketing and sales agenda by integrating seamlessly with your website or email, cutting down your workload as well as mistakes.

Secure Networks

A security breach can completely devastate a small business. From taking down your website, or hijacking your employee email accounts to spread spam and steal sensitive information. Having secure networks is more important than ever before, which is why it is absolutely imperative to have your networks installed correctly from the start.

CallTeks can handle all of your network cabling needs, from set-up to maintenance and expansion. Whether you are looking to revamp your cabling or set up from scratch, we can make sure it is done securely and efficiently.

How a Small Business Network Solution Can Solve Problems You Didn’t Know You Had

Small businesses come with a unique set of challenges, particularly when it comes to staying on top of the technology your business needs in a market that doesn’t have a lot to offer on your budget. Here at CallTeks, we think every company should have access to the network solutions their company needs without being limited by size or budget.

We know you’ve already thought of some of the more common ways networking can make an impact on your small business, but we wanted to highlight a few of the benefits that you might not have thought of just yet.

Increase Productivity Everywhere

Improve communication throughout your business, without being limited by location. With the right small business network solutions you can ensure everyone is maintaining productivity whether they are in the next office over or across the country.

Create Safer, More Open Collaborative Environment

Meet remotely, share files and collaborate with greater freedom and with less risk of security breaches. Whether you are looking for reliable video conferencing capabilities, VoiP phone systems or remote file sharing options, our small business network solutions are custom made for each company we work with.

Advanced Connectivity and Convenience

Optimal business networking means being connected when you need to be connected. With CallTeks, we do this by making sure all the pieces are put into place.

  • Ability to connect multiple devices on a network, from computers to printers and mobile devices while ensuring reliable connectivity and security.
  • Ability to connect to other networks and use technology to protect your business from security threats using firewalls and encryption.
  • Industry-leading support to ensure your small business network solutions are always functioning as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Are Our Solutions Right for You?

Want to find out if our small business network solutions are the right idea for you? Get in touch with CallTeks today at 1-844-862-0318. We can answer your questions and set up a free consultation.