Top Home Security Tips to Keep You Safe

Having a safe home offers peace of mind. After all, home is where you sleep, unwind, spend quality time with your friends and family. It’s also where you keep some of your most prized and sentimental possessions.

That’s why it’s important to do everything you can to protect your home. We’ve come up with a few home security tips to help you make sure your home is safe.

Buy a Security System

This is of course one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself. A good home security system will not only deter criminals, but provide 24-hour a day monitoring. You’ll know when anything is amiss. At CallTeks, we’ll make sure you have the monitoring you need, and can even install HD security cameras that you can watch from your tablet or smartphone.

Just Moved? Change the Locks

If you just moved into a new place, one of the first things you’ll want to do is change the locks. After all, you never know who might already have a set of keys. The last thing you want to do is make it easy for someone to just walk right in and help themselves.

Think Like a Criminal

This is one of the most important home security tips. The best way to exploit weaknesses in your home security is to try to break in yourself. If you can’t find a way in, it’s a good sign the criminals won’t be able to either. Research shows most burglars are amateurs, so they shouldn’t be to hard to foil, if you have the right security measures in place.

Be Careful Who You Hire

If you are looking for a professional house cleaning service, make sure you investigate the company properly before simply handing over the keys. Too many people have entrusted their house keys and alarm codes to a less-than-reputable company, only to get ripped off. Don’t let it happen to you. There are plenty of ways to find out if the company you hire is reputable. Check out there Better Business Bureau rating and read some online customer reviews.

Talk To Your Neighbors

Here’s another one of those important home security tips: be a good neighbor. That means keeping an eye out for anything suspicious when your neighbors aren’t around and asking them to do the same for you. Criminals tend to avoid neighborhoods where they know people are looking out for each other.

Get In Touch With CallTeks for More Info

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What is the Benefit of Home Security Monitoring?

When it comes to protecting your home, a DIY solution isn’t always the best option. To get the most protection out of your system, home security monitoring is the way to go. We’ve up with a few benefits that may just have you thinking twice about investing in one of those DIY plans.

Glitches in System Identified 24-Hours a Day

When you choose a company that provides home security monitoring, they don’t only call you when your alarm is triggered. If there’s any type of malfunction in your system that could interfere with the effectiveness, you’ll be notified. Say your back-up battery system is disconnected, or something interferes with the main power source, with a monitored system, you’ll know about it.

Emergency Response

Home security monitoring also means you’ve got someone on your side if there’s an emergency. When you have CallTeks monitoring your system, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing we can dispatch the proper authorities in the case of an emergency.

Another Layer of Protection

Criminals are far less likely to target a home with a monitored security system. When you put a CallTeks sign up at your home or office, you’ll deter the crooks. We’ve got a reputation for providing top-quality monitoring services. Rest assured knowing that your home is protected while you are away when you have CallTeks looking out for you.

Mobile Integration

Mobile integration allows you to maintain privacy. While CallTeks will monitor your alarm systems, you can use your mobile device to view your home security cameras, or even lock the front door. Get notifications when door or window sensors are triggered.

You can also set your mobile device to receive notifications when glass breaks, or motion sensors set off your alarm.

Peace of Mind

When you invest in home security monitoring, it means you can rest easy knowing your home is not only guarded by the most advanced alarm system in the industry, but monitored by our team of trained professionals.

Let us take care of all the complex technical issues while you go about your life without having to worry about your home protection. If anything looks amiss with your home security monitoring system, we’ll let you know right away and can even make sure the authorities are notified when it’s necessary.

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Do I Really Need a Home Security Alarm System?

There’s a lot of debate out there over whether or not a home security alarm system can really protect your home. The simple answer: of course it can.  Research overwhelmingly shows that a security system is effective in deterring criminals. We’ve come up with a few reasons you should consider investing in home security from CallTeks.

The Threat Is Real

More than two-million burglaries are reported in the United States every year. When you break those numbers down, the results are truly staggering.

Every 13 minutes: a home is broken into in the U.S.

Every hour: 240 homes are broken into

Every day: 6,000 homes are burglarized or invaded

Fact: Criminals Target Homes with No Home Security Alarm System

Research shows thieves and home invaders are overwhelmingly deterred by the presence of a home security alarm system.  Statistics show that 85-percent of homes that are broken into don’t have a home security system installed.

That means you are far less likely to become the victim of a burglary or home invasion if you have an alarm installed on your home.

The point is really driven home by FBI statistics. According to those numbers, one out of every three homes with no home security alarm system are broken into at some point. On the other hand, only one in every 250 homes with an alarm are broken into, according to Safewise.

Advantages of Having a Home Security Alarm System

The primary advantage of having an alarm system is deterring crime. When burglars know your home is armed with security, they are far more likely to attack a home without a security system in place.

Another prime advantage is choosing a company that provides alarm monitoring. CallTeks can send you a message when your alarm is triggered, and even dispatch authorities on your behalf. We’ll even monitor for smoke and fire damage.

Contact CallTeks today if you want to learn more about home security. 1-844-862-0318.

Home Wireless Security System – Now More Subtle and Affordable

Home wireless security systems have been increasing in popularity over the past few years. With technology constantly advancing, the ability to secure your property has gone to a different level. Home security has become a necessity and getting your own home wireless security system can prove to be beneficial compared to the conventional systems.

Home wireless security systems are cost effective and you can find some models in the market that are priced $100 or less. Some homeowners choose not to have their home protected with an alarm system because of its price, but they have now become a lot more affordable. In the present day, though, getting a home wireless security system set up can easily be done and it is worth having to protect all your valuables.

Since there are no wires to hide, the device can be up and ready to monitor your home in a jiffy. The designs for wireless security systems are now very easy to install and use. They can be placed around the door frame, inside the house, or mounted on the home.

Other wired devices may not use the frequency waves that wireless ones are using, so motion at a long range may not be detected. This allows the burglar to access your home and bypass the alarm. On the other hand, wireless security systems allow a longer range of protection.

A home wireless security system is not only efficient in protecting your home but they can also be used to detect unwanted behaviors inside. The cameras installed in the house can be used to keep an eye on a babysitter who is watching your children while you’re out.

Wireless devices used inside and around your home can be very subtle, going unnoticeable. Aside from homeowners, many companies integrate their alarms and cameras into everyday items so thieves or burglars are unaware of their presence. There are hidden cameras kept in items like alarm clocks, photo frames, small speakers, and others.

Most home wireless security systems run on electricity and batteries. This can be a huge advantage when it comes to your protection. Some thieves know how to cut off the electricity before entering the home. Doing this would make them think that your alarm system will no longer work, but since your wireless system is battery operated, it will still capture the burglar’s motions. Make sure you check the batteries and replace them on a regular basis.

Overall, getting a home wireless security system has become the norm in protecting a home and personal belongings from break-ins. They are easy to install and are very discreet in doing what they’re supposed to do. This discretion makes it simple not to be seen by those trying to access your home and steal your personal items.  It is a bonus that cheaper home wireless security systems have hit the market, making it easy for homeowners wanting to secure their property.